Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wedding Present

Wood and Woodine have been married for over 4 months now. Half their wedding present from us (which they did not receive at their reception) was a quilt for their bed. I had actually bought all the fabric and cut all the squares back in late May or early June. At the time I wasn't feeling my best with morning sickness. I knew they were moving east so I told them I'd have it done for them when we saw them next, well that was late August and it still wasn't done. I told them not to worry that by the time the weather got cold I'd have it done. Well they came for a visit this past weekend and it still wasn't done. It's been sitting in my kitchen next to my sewing machine for about 3 months. I would look at it each day and say to myself, just do one strip tonight or just work for 30 minutes. I guess with being pregnant and having Daniel gone I just didn't have enough energy or the motivation (which sort of surprised me because it's something I love to do).

So Friday night after the dinner dishes were done the boys all played board games (my brother was staying with us for the weekend as well) and I asked Woodine to help me get the blocks into strips. I sewed the strips together and she pinned each consecutive strip to the next one and we got the entire top sewn together Friday night, albeit at 2am. I felt bad for keeping them up so late but they don't understand the feeling I felt when I went to bed. I had major adrenaline running through my veins. I felt completely exhilerated and it was hard to fall asleep. It was absolutely the BEST to have someone help with the project. Things came together so much faster and as I saw each stage finishing I would get such a feeling of accomplishment.

On Saturday I took them to my newest find, a Mennonite dry goods shop. They were able to pick out the fabrics for the back and binding. There was a little disagreement because Wood opted for "marigold" (a sort of bright apricot/orangy color, to be a contrast to the greens and blues) and Woodine wasn't quite convinced. They were finally able to agree on a less bold option. We also picked up tying needles and batting and went home to get the back put together. We got the back sewed together, layered and pinned our pieces, and began tying. Sunday evening we finished the tying, cut and pressed our binding strips, pinned and machine stitched them on and began the handsewing part. I felt so bad for having Wood and Woodine make their own wedding present but Wood says he thinks it means more to him now that's he's helped with the project, plus they learned alot about the process of making a quilt. They told me before they came that they really wanted to come and help me in any way they could - meals, kids, clean up, just to give me a break. They did all that plus put in hours with the quilt. They don't fully understand what a great break that was for me - I got to enjoy doing something I love while someone else saw to the children's needs, household duties and helped me with my project. There is nothing more fulfilling than a completed project and I am so glad they could take it home finished.

Here's the final result:

And here is Wood and Woodine. This is how they felt about getting to take their way overdue wedding present home!


woodine said...

We love, love, love it. Really, it works perfectly. Thank you so much!

Taffy said...

That does sound like a fun way to spend the weekend. Family, fun and getting a project done! The quilt is beautiful!

Peanut said...

Yes, the quilt looks fabulous! I'm glad you had some help for the weekend, and it looks like they had a good time too.

SPH-1 said...

I'm impressed again with the size of the projects you undertake. Good that it all worked out to be fun for all involved. Quilt is beautiful.

Sarah Johnson said...

Was it an orange color Wood wanted? I remember he was the one that chose orange for the reunion shirts.