Saturday, July 12, 2008

Face Painting

The boys spent the weekend of the 4th with my Mom and Dad at the family cabin. Dan was on call so we had to stick close to home. We did have a little barbecue on Saturday with Dan's sis -M and J, and my bro, Brian and Stacy and their 2 boys. Dan had to work Saturday morning so I thought I would take Ainsley to do something special since the boys got to go and she didn't. We went to the Hands on House where got to do a little face painting.

I was holding the baby on my right hip with with my right arm and managed these little gems with my left hand:
Not to bad if I do say so myself, and yes, I did wear them all day and had to remember to wash them off the next morning before church. But in all reality - Ainsley really takes the cake. She did hers 100% by herself and was justifiably proud.

Somewhat patriotic as well - huh? I did try to do a little one on the baby. She would sit so still and be captivated with the brush on her cheek and then as soon as I was done -she would take the back of her hand and smear it across her face. She ended up with a yellow green smudge that looked like a bruise.

Pressure Wound

This poor baby! We saw the doctor again on Thursday. Her fracture is healing but you can still see the crack on the X-ray. He decided to unwrap it and actually look at it this time. When he unwrapped it, her heal was completely flat and had a quarter size black circle on it - basically a bed sore or pressure wound. I am so glad we had our appointment earlier than the 3 weeks he originally wanted. (Since we are leaving on vacation we came back at 2 and half weeks.) He said for sure he did NOT want to put another cast on her foot because this wound. Her heel and ankle are swollen and she won't walk on that foot at all yet, although I'm not sure if it's the wound on her heel or that the break in her leg is still sore. I hope she's walking by the time we get to Reid Ranch or we're in trouble.

The top of her foot had some pressure points starting to build as well. Where her foot meets her leg there was some yellowish bruising and these little red and purple pin points, like her pores were filling with blood. Her little leg is also chafed and the ridges from the cotton pads that were pressed into her leg took HOURS to fade.

Beetle Mania

No it isn't Paul, John or Ringo Star.
We found this special beetle in our garage. It was a BIG one! We had fun with it and took it for a walk - mostly riding on Piper's cast. Then we set it on a big rock in front of the house.

It's funny because Ainsley really has no fear. She loves bugs and worms and grasshoppers etc... We were at the pool and she found a beetle and picked it up and made it look fun to hold so her friend thought she might like to hold it as well - but her friend ended up pulling the "BRINN BUG SUPER FREAKOUT" - yes it has a name. Brinn was the WORST when it came to bugs.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

White and Nerdy

Here's our new favorite song/video.

Daniel somehow heard this song and came home last night and looked it up. We've heard it non-stop since. The kids think it's funny even though they don't "get" half the stuff in there. I know some of you Hens are big Weird Al fans so I'm sure you'll get a kick if you haven't seen it yet.

And Amy - well since UHF was one of our most favorite movies ever - I'm sure you'll like this as well. I posted the picture below just for you!

Nothing like a mid-night run for a spatula!!! Oh - and what's with Donnie Osmond? Is he EVER white and nerdy!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mt. Gretna

The weekend before last we had originally planned to go the beach. We were going to go down Friday night and stay with someone who had a house there. They called us the night before saying they weren't feeling too well and canceled. We then decided we might go just for the day. Friday night we were up late and by Saturday morning I was not feeling like a super long day including 5 or 6 hours in the car. So we decided to try a lake that is about 25 minutes from here. It was a terrific alternative. A bit pricey to get in but still cheaper than a tank of gas to go the beach.

We called some friends of ours (the Regensburgers) that have a cottage there and asked if they would be at the lake that day. They said yes. We played all afternoon with them. Emily and Ainsley were in the same dance and pre-school class and James and MacGregor were in the same class at school. John and Chase are only a little over a year apart. Everyone gets along really well. M and J tagged along too.

They have a sandy beach which the kids played in and built castles. Emily and Ainsley covered each other in it. I don't think Ainsley's bathing suit will ever come clean.

Beyond the shallow end rope were platforms you could swim out too. One was a high tower you could jump off. Chase showed no fear and jumped repeatedly. It was about 12 feet high. I made M and Robin swim out there with me and take the plunge. My body was fatigued after only climbing up the ladder. I've climbed ladders before so I don' t know why this was so hard - perhaps because the ladder was straight up and not at a slant or because we were wet and the ladder steps were round pipes but my heart was already racing. Then when you look down, you think to yourself, " How am I going to take that step and fall 12 feet?" I eventually did and you plunge so far down into the dark and freezing water. Kinda scary - not to mention the water that shot up my nose and into my throat. After you swim back to the warm water on top - it's not so bad. So I did it again!

There was another platform that had a giant swing that you could sit on and then jump off into the water and they had yet another platform that had a 2 meter diving board. It was about 6 feet off the water. I did a back dive (which I used to do all the time growing up) and I over rotated because I was so high up (I used to do it 2 feet off the water not 6) and slapped my thighs and tops of my feet against the water. My feet were sore for at least an hour afterward. How embarrassing.

They had a giant Adirondack chair that we thought was fun. So we took a lot of pictures in it. We had a great day and ended up ordering pizza and eating it at the Regensburger's cottage. We definitely want to do Gretna Lake again.

On The River

Two weeks ago, Daniel had the day off and wanted to take the boys fishing on the river. Chase ended up getting an invitation to a friends house so MacGregor got go solo. I think he really enjoyed having a day with his Dad without having to share a thing!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Times Flies

Can it really be 11 years? 11 years since this day? Have you really grown up almost as tall as your mom? Can we really be wearing the same size shoe? Where has the time gone?

Chase you are a great kid! I really couldn't ask for better. You are kind and helpful. You are smart and funny. You are the best big brother to little Piper - always so watchful and careful to protect her, always seeing to her needs. If everyone else is still sleeping, you get her up in the morning and turn on Elmo. You are honest and obedient. (Now if we can just work on your room *wink wink )

You are a talented young man - you just pick a sport and learn to play it. You have learned piano and trombone this year and have succeeded at both - I can't even imagine what would happen if you practiced a little more *hint hint. You are a good friend - never excluding kids who want to come over to play.

You are a born leader. You always have been. Kids seek you out and want to follow you. I remember in Iowa when we'd go to playgroup at the rec center. You were 3. All the kids would stop what they were doing when we got there and whatever you decided to do - they were on board as well. All of a sudden everyone was on a firetruck as you called out - Fire Fire, Let's go!! They were all running single file behind YOU. All ages are attracted to you. You're smart and easy going - that's why I look out my kitchen window and see 10th graders, 9th graders, 7th and 8th graders, 5th graders, 3rd graders and kindergartners all playing capture the flag, football, baseball or just sitting together at the patio table talking about Runescape. You have a way of bringing people together and including everyone. That's why our doorbell rings incessantly. I hope you realize the power you have and always use it for good. You are a terrific example.

So many parents and school and church teachers have told me how polite you are and how you always know the answers. I am so proud of you for learning the gospel and having that thirst for education in all subjects. I am so proud that you use your knowledge for good and share it with others. I know you will make an incredible missionary someday.

Thank you Chase! Thank you for coming to my family and sharing your life with me. Thank you for being a good example and a great kid! I love you! Oh and one more thing - You just stop growing right now!!!! Just stay this big forever ok? You're big enough don't you think? Oh it's hard to watch your kids grow up!


Napoleon and Uncle Rico

If any of you know our family - you also know that we love "Napoleon Dynamite". Daniel practically has it memorized. The kids quote it all the time. Ainsley actually chooses to watch it all by herself when the boys are at school. (If you haven't seen it - you won't understand the following:)

This morning we were looking at an old photo album at my parents. The time period was the mid 1970s. MacGregor leaned over my shoulder and said, while pointing at my Dad's brother Wayne, "Hey, that looks like Uncle Rico!" He was right. My uncle in full 70s garb did resemble Uncle Rico.

A few pages later, my mother pointed to a picture of my dad saying, "Look at Dad's hair - the wind was really blowing" Chase leaned over and said - "Wow - it's Napoleon and Uncle Rico!"

My kids have a good sense of humor, huh? What do you think? Were they right?