Tuesday, April 06, 2010

For Sale

So our house went on the market Friday afternoon - April 2, 2010. We have really really loved this house but would like to have a bit more land and another garage. The land will give us opportunities that we don't have here. We love our level backyard that is perfect for football, baseball, soccer, sprinkler running. But if we wanted to add a swingset, or a big garden we would ruin the perfect sport backyard and there is no way we could have a pool because it would be impossible for the trucks to get to our back yard without destroying the neighbors yards. We would like another garage because we actually use our garage for cars and thus the bikes are outside rusting all winter. Also with parents that stay for long periods of time and soon to be teenage drivers another garage will come in handy, not to mention if a little bass boat would ever be in our future. We felt that with the market the way it is, now would be the best time to upgrade to a larger lot. And so it is with sadness in our hearts that we say goodbye to this fabulous home and hope that the next owners will love it as much as we have.

We had a showing yesterday, Monday April 5th - which was scheduled the exact time that piano lessons are normally taught in our home so I was grateful and relieved that my good friend Shannon who lives just 2 neighborhoods away let us use her living room for piano lessons. Plus I am sure the boys LOVED playing on a grand piano.

Got a call this morning, Tuesday April 6th. Another showing tonight at 6pm - ok I think - great - people are interested. Then the secretary says it is the same people who came last night and there is significant interest in the property. Now my stomach falls out and I feel sick. I mean, I shouldn't feel sick - this is what we wanted but oh gosh, it is happening so fast. If they make an offer, where will we live until August? Oh the stress!! But I am not counting my chickens before they hatch - perhaps they will not make an offer, or maybe it will be a bad offer. I guess we'll have to wait and see - and keep taking the Tums to offset the acid in my stomach.

If you are interested in seeing the listing for our house or taking the virtual tour ( now called featured tour) click on the following link.