Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sound of Music

We had the opportunity of a lifetime last night. The Salzburg Marionette Theatre from Salzburg, Austria is on a US tour premiering it's version of the Sound of Music. And yes, somehow little Lancaster scored such an awesome production but for only 4 days. Even though it cost a pretty penny - I thought it was worth it. My kids loved it and it's not like they are going to get this opportunity again. (I mean this was on a school night and only 12 minutes from our house. We didn't have to fight big city traffic or spend a ton of time in the car. This was local!) We were sad Daniel couldn't go with us but since he's in Denver for 9 days it just didn't work out. We're glad Mamaw could come in a pinch.

The best part was - The managing director of the Fulton is in our ward so I called him yesterday morning to see if there were still tickets available. He said yes and asked where would we like to sit? I said anywhere he thought the kids could see well. He said, "How about the second row?" He told me that they hadn't sold any tickets in the first or second rows because they didn't think you could see well from there, but after the Tuesday night show - they realized that you could see fine from the second row. So we sat deadcenter second row with no one in front of us. What a dream. It's probably the only time in their lives that the kids could see a show without sitting on their knees and leaning side to side to see around other people's heads. We were so close you could see the faces of each puppet. I realized how good our seats were when I had to take Ainsley to the bathroom during the show and from the back I noticed they could only see the figures of each puppet but not their faces. Ainlsey sat eyes glued to the stage the entire time, not fidgeting, or asking when it would be over etc....

My mom happened to be coming yesterday anyway to help watch the kids while I was the "mystery reader" in Ainsley's class and while I attended each of the boys parent/teacher conferences. I was so glad she was here to help me with the kids and enjoy the show with us. We left the baby with a sitter of course. It was amazing how many strings were attached to each puppet ( at least 10). It's amazing how they don't get twisted or tangled and how life like each puppet moves. At the end of the show they lifted the top curtain and did one more number with us watching the puppeteers. INCRIDIBLE! There were 9 of them shoulder to shoulder, wrapping their arms around each other as they pass their strings around each other to move their puppet down the stage. I hope they all hold stock in deodorant companies - because they operate in VERY close proximity. I don't know how they maintain such control of their strings and remember the choreography of each puppet for the whole show. RAW TALENT!!

I realized that the kids had never seen "Sound of Music" and didn't know the story line. How could that be? I thought EVERYONE had seen it. Then I remembered that Daniel had told me how he hated that movie (I think with 5 sisters and probably one TV he had been forced to watch it too often growing up) so whenever it's been on TV during our years together, he won't let us watch it - or he chooses something else he thinks is better. That sounds a little nicer. Anyway, because it dealt with WWII and Nazis - Chase and MacGregor were easily sucked in and now we have a date Friday night to watch the movie (Daniel still won't be back so we don't have to torture him :) )

I am so glad the kids and I had this opportunity. I greatly appreciated the time and effort these puppeteers put into developing such an awesome talent. I love being able to expose my kids to the arts and hope they will develop a love of them and an appreciation of others cultivated talents.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I asked Ainsley to go get ready for bed and when all was said and done this is what she looked like. She had the slippers, the purse, and the jewelry. I guess she likes to retire in style. I love that little girl!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Keepin Em Up

Ainsley has a terrible time keeping her pants up. Her underwear and worse yet her crack always seem to be showing. I think this problem is two fold. First all the pants they make for little girls these days all seem to be low rise. Like 4 year olds need that! And second, the girl has no hips, no bum, nothing to keep pants up. Even with the adjustable waistbands they fall down. After trying on a cute pair of brown cords that wouldn't stay up I left the store thinking, What if made her a pair? Unlike Taffy and B - I don't make clothes, only blankets. People don't worry so much how a blanket fits.I did buy a pattern and waited for my mom to come help me. It was a lot more complicated with a lot more measuring and finishing raw edges etc... than I had expected. My mom was on the phone and distracted when I was cutting out the fabric. I didn't know that you had to flip the pattern over so you got two fronts and two backs. So I ended up with 4 fronts. We went back to the store and bought more fabric and I finished the first pair. They actually look pretty good and they don't fall down!! Yeah! I now am going to make a second pair of brown cords since I already have the fabric and embellish the cuffs or something to mix it up a bit.


We've had a lot of little things go missing this year, namely teeth. Mr. MacGregor lost 3 middle teeth all at the same time last April - seen here:

Those 3 have finally grown in and then over the last 3 months he's lost 3 more. I don't know how the kid can talk or eat without drooling all over him self. We call him "Gaptooth" now. Here's the current look except he's lost another since then and has another loose one.

MacGregor's new lower lateral incisors are growing up behind the central ones. It reminds me of myself with one big clump of front teeth. Daniel wants him to go see the orthodontist right away. Chase didn't go until he was older but his teeth had much better placement. Infact the Dr. said that he'll need treatment but might not need braces. Of all kids, I thought it would be MacGregor who didn't need braces. He's always had space between his teeth and I thought that meant he'd have enough room. I thought Chase's teeth would have super crowding but the Dr. said his crowding his very mild.

Chase lost 4 teeth in April as well (I've been meaning to post this for 6 months). He had to have all his baby canines removed with hope that the new ones will grow in quicker and they could begin orthodontic treatment. The Dr. said Chase's treatment plan is very long term, I guess he grows teeth really slowly. On a side note, Daniel said he treated a 9 year old girl yesterday that had already lost all her canines and premolars. I think they may have been grown all the way in already. Anyway - I had no idea what all that meant either until Dan said that she is WAY early. He said her "dental age" is at least 5 years ahead of her natural age. Wierd huh?

Here are some before and after surgery pictures of Chase. He had the BEST surgeon! He's great with kids and even he provided post operative checks at home. I'll tell you what - I'm going back to him!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

All Dressed Up

Just wanted to show off our crew in their Halloween uniforms.

We'll start with Ainsley at school. All the classes marched in a parade around the parking lot and then we got to take pictures of the class.
We did Trunk or Treat at church on Tuesday and Trick or Treat around the neighborhood on Wednesday. Everyone got their turn in the make-up chair. Piper was fascinated by the kids getting their faces made up.

Here's our little lamby.

Isn't her tail cute?

Here's our little green monster being monstery! She definitely was an original. I'm glad she didn't mind since this was a recycled costume. I know every little girl wants to be a princess and there were a lot of them but this year Ainsley was unique, she was a monster and that's not too far off from the truth (just kidding but only a little).

MacGregor and Chase were soldiers since they recieved the whole get-up last year for Christmas. They asked if they could be something else and I said yeah if you can find all the stuff in the house. Soliders it was (I know I sound mean, but I am not going to go buy something new when we have workable costumes at home. I did buy them each a new candy sack cuz the boys had outgrown their plastic pumpkins and Ainsley wanted the "princess" pumpkin and since she couldn't have the gown, at least she got the pumpkin).
MacGregor insisted that he have some blood or a grusome scar on his face. We tried to remind him that he wasn't a boxer but I guess he wanted to be a battled soldier.
Chase decided that he would go uninjured.
If you haven't already guessed, the boys friend Vic spends alot of time at our house. So the boys asked if he could go trick or treating with us. He hadn't planned on going out and didn't have a costume so we improvised and found some of Daniels hockey gear in the basement. I think all involved were happy with the evening. I was happy Halloween 2007 was over, maybe now I can get a nap. But I am already wondering, what about next year .......

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Carving Experience

The kids were really excited to do pumpkins with their Dad this year since he was conspicuously absent last year. Ainsley began talking about going to the pumpkin patch at least a week before we had it scheduled. She talked about it every day. We decided to go Monday the 22nd for family home evening. The kids were so excited to carve their pumpkins that night but Daniel said they would rot by Halloween so we only carved 2 then. We did Piper's and an extra one we bought. We decided to use alliteration and carved Piper a Piggy Pumpkin. MacGregor gave us the cyclops idea and I think both of these turned out cute. Piggy Pumkin made it til Halloween night but Cyclops rotted. I think it's because cyclops was a white pumpkin and I think white and green pumpkins are much softer and rot much quicker.

We carved the rest of the pumpkins on the following Monday, Oct 29th. Ainsley's favorite thing is to squeeze the guts. She sat there squeezing and squeezing until she had orange guts and seeds up past her elbows. Each person drew their own design on a piece of paper first, even Ainsley. And then Daniel carved each pumpkin according to their design. (I carved my own but he wasn't thrilled with that - he doesn't trust any of us with sharp knives) We bought a pumpkin for Chase and Gregor's friend Vic too. He joined us for carving and we sang some family night songs for him. Chase was really disappointed that we didn't dry and bake the seeds this year but Halloween wears me out. There is so much involved. We did a trunk or treat at the church the night before. We did our pumpkin carving. We do make up and costumes and candy and crafts etc... And it didn't help that 4 out of the 5 nights before Halloween Daniel and I were up til 1 AM watching the first season of LOST. We only get it for one week from the Library and it is really hard to watch 24 episodes in one week. I think we'll just pay late fees for season two so we don't have to be so sleep deprived.

Here the kids are each sitting under their own pumpkin.

Here's the whole clan with lights on, on the porch, and with lights out. Dan carved the batman and I did the "cool" guy with sunglasses.