Friday, March 19, 2010

Camilla's Cozy Quilt

Camilla is Brinn's youngest. She was born in December 2008. She received her quilt I made her in February 2010. These things take time - especially when you have 4 small children, you're primary president, your buying and selling a house etc... I wish there was more time to sew.

Anyhow. It is finally done and it is one of my favorites. Maybe that's why she didn't get it for so long. I needed several months to sit and stare at it - in all its beauty.

I can not take credit for the color selections because I did cheat a little and used 2 charm packs from Moda. They are a pack of 5x5 squares containing one square of each of the 40 fabrics in a specific collection. This collection screamed "BRINN" at me as I walked by so I had to go for it. I had actually already bought fabric for Camilla's quilt and it was going to be a completely different pattern but then I saw this and had to do it. I did however choose the white on white polka dot spacer fabric.

The back is "minky" and it's ultra soft. Lisa, the same long armer from New York that has done all my quilts, did this one as well. I chose a "butterfly loop" pattern.
Binding - I must say I rocked the corners this time - best ever!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The BIg Snow

February 10th, 2010

Instead of picking up my parents in the perfectly planned surprise for my kids - Instead of surprising my parents with the perfectly timed pick up of my sister - Planes were canceled, school was canceled, trains were canceled.

And here's the reason why:

4 days later we received ANOTHER 19 inches. 40 inches in a week. It took 3 and half weeks to melt. I think we're done - Spring is here on Saturday.