Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Halloween was a long last afterthought this year. I didn't even realize it was the week of Halloween until Wednesday of that week. Ainsley and Chase both wore their costumes from last year so that made things easy. The afternoon of, I tried on a monster costume we have on Piper. Much to my dismay - it was way too big. Now we only had a few hours to figure something out. Luckily we have a Barbie, Island Princess dress-up dress and then I found a blue tiarra while running errands that day. MacGregor had still not decided an hour before we left for trick or treating. I told him he could be the storm trooper from last year or a mariachi band member. We have the mexican poncho, the sombrero, and a trumpet. But NO - that was not cool enough. He wanted to be James Bond so he wore church clothes (the blazer was way too small - no one has worn that in ages) with sunglasses and carried a pistol. He looked more like a Blues Brother but he was happy so who am I to complain?

We went trick or treating with friends this year - in their neighborhood. Their neighborhood is much more conducive to trick or treating as our neighborhood only has about 20 homes - 2/3rds of which are NOT home on Halloween. We were running a little late and by the time we got there the kids formed their groups and ran off before I could get the individual and group pictures I had hoped for. Ainsley got to go with a group that was delivered to each house via golf cart - not a bad ride!! So here is what I cropped out of the mixed matched pictures I got as they were running off to trick or treat.

MacGregor the kid at church in the summer - I mean James Bond, special agent.
Here's the princess before she got "beat up". She absolutely LOVED wearing make up and looking beautiful.
Ainsley is the ever Beautiful "Cleopatra"!
MacGregor with his buddy Nick E. and Chase.
The after-party. Do you think they got enough?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hide and Seek in the Dark

Hide and Seek in the dark is NOT a great game for Piper to play on Halloween night in our friends' basement. The Ping Pong table has 4 sharp corners. The corners are all eye level.


At least it was after trick-or-treating so she didn't have to be the princess that was also the domestic violence victim.