Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Stroller

Anyone who has a young girl probably owns a miniature dolly stroller.

Well sometimes I guess it's fun to pretend your sister is a doll.

And sometimes it's fun to pretend YOU are a doll and catch a ride from your sister.

Piper is way to big for this stroller but she and Ainsley somehow managed. They had a great time zooming all over the house. The real surprise was when I found Ainsley in the stroller - now she is WAY to big and her hips were stuck inside it and fortunately it didn't last long because Piper wasn't strong enough to actually push her.

You can sort of see my new kitchen back splash that Brock put in (another thing I am planning on posting). I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thanks Brock!

FHE Boards

I know I said check back more often and I really thought I would have had time to put more things up but last week ended up being my busiest week ever and today Daniels sister Taffy and her husband and 5 kids are coming for a visit and the baby is sick again and therefore I probably won't get time to post for another week or so. I have some great pictures of the jerseys we made for the Young Womens basketball team and from the field trip I took with Chase's class to the state capital.

But I thought I could squeeze this one out in 10 minutes:

Here are the FHE boards our ward just made. I was very excited and thought they came out very cute. I hope you like them Brielle and Brinn because yours are on the way!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Couldn't Pass It Up!

After 3 full weeks of people being very sick (me included) - I think we are now past it. I have a lot of things to get caught up on. I finally spent last night catching up on family and friend's blogs - I swear I haven't been on the computer for 2 full weeks. So check back a little more often - I should have some new things posted.

We were out shopping on Thursday for a couple new outfits for Ainsley. I can't keep this girl in clothes. All the pants we have that fit in her waist are getting way too short or have a hole in the knee. While we were shopping she saw all of the Easter dresses that were out and asked if she could get a new church dress. She noticed this black velvet dress with red fur or feathers around the sleeves on the clearance rack and asked if she could have that one. The problem was it only came in 18 and 24 months. Later as we were looking thru some bigger clothes I came across this one - also on the clearance rack. I saw that it had fur around the sleeves and thought Ainsley might like it.

I figured that Easter was early so it would be ok to get her a dress with long sleeves. She'd still get several weeks of use out of it this spring. But it's white - would she really get more than one use out of it? So I decided to check the price tag. This was a lined good quality dress. It was 60 or 70% off - only $9.20 - plus I had a Kohl's card so I got another 15% off. For $7.84 I was totally going to get this dress. I figured she could use it as a church dress til it got warm or stained whichever came first and then it could be used as a dress-up dress. It totally has the snow princess thing going on. (Ainsley got a dress-up dress for Christmas and it was quite a bit more than $7.84)

Anyway - Ainsley and I were both pleased with this bargain!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Sickness

Well the sickness found us. We had a really good run from Christmas until last week when Chase came down with a fever. His fever went on for 8 days. On day 5 he seemed to have a break in the fever and that's, of course, when we saw the doctor. He tested negative for the quick strep test and negative for influenza. Later that night his fever spiked again and I called the doctor. We went in the next day for some blood work. It was Chase's first time and he did great. We got a call that afternoon that Chase tested positive for Mono. Poor kid.

Then Friday afternoon Piper got a fever. Dan thought she sounded a bit wheezy. I put her down for bed around 9 pm but around 11:15 she woke up and was having a lot of trouble breathing. CROUP! We tried getting her settled and using a vaporizer but she was still really struggling. We finally took her to the ER around 1:30AM. After some nebulizer treatments and some neck X-rays, she was admitted to the Peds floor. Her heart rate was about 220 when we first got there. She spent two nights in the hospital with Daniel and I trying to trade off. A big thank you goes out to all our family who helped out with kids at home. My mom and sisters have kept Ainlsey since Friday - And Brock and M&J helped with the boys.

Saturday evening I went home to get some sleep and was going to go back to the hospital to spell Daniel a few hours later but I had chills really bad. I think I was extremely exausted having only slept maybe 2 hours the night before. I took some tylenol and went to bed with my wintercoat on. When the fever broke I was one big ball of sweat. I kept looking at the clock feeling guilty that I hadn't gone back to the hospital to spell Daniel but I was feeling terrible. I finally called him around 11pm and asked if I should come back but he said no - that I should stay home and rest. I was so thankful because I ended up gettting up two or 3 times during the night and dry heaving. I was grateful I didn't have anything on my stomach. Sunday and today I've continued with a debilatating fever. It's so hard to feel so bad and have to take care of a sick baby - making sure she's eating and drinking. She wasn't drinking enough at the hospital so they had to put an IV in.

Today the kids doctor called and asked if I had gotten a call on Friday about Chase's step culture they were growing at the hospital. I said no. Well it was positive also. I guess it's rare but sometimes kids get mono and strep together. Poor Kid!

So we're sick of the sickness!!! I hope it goes away soon!